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  20. Two rail sweep in Aspire
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  30. OK....Another ignorant question
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  35. FIle saving & cutting sequence
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  37. So vectric IS the sh.. err The best!!
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  44. wild life
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  46. Do you like one 3d software over another?
  47. aspire or cut 3d
  48. whats the best way to do this
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  50. My next ASPIRE carving project
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  52. Texturing Toolpath
  53. Software help
  54. Setting File Associations: .CRV to Aspire 3.0
  55. Converting .prt files to .dxf
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  57. Transition from square to round on legs
  58. To buy or not to buy
  59. Same distance pockets
  60. Feeds and speeds
  61. PhotoVCarve and Aspire
  62. Log file dissection
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  65. Part Orientation
  66. Location for clipart
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  68. File handles
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  72. Duplicated vectors and open vectors
  73. How to reduce Rapid Moves on sliced 3D
  74. Aspire 3.5 split screen setting
  75. Tool Database Needs Duplicated/Moved
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  77. Whats new in Aspire 4.0
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  86. Egg Crate
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  101. aspire
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  104. Just figured out that Aspire is only 32bit
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  112. I need someone that can make an Aspire file for me that is familiar with 2 rail sweep
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  114. Gingerbread man file
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  118. texturing a 3D model
  119. How to use the Zero on Bed
  120. 3-D and 2-D renderings don't co-exist in Aspire????
  121. How can I open a .SLDPRT file or convert to a Aspire frendly file without buying soft
  122. Amana catalog dimensions don't match the catalog cutter profile
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  131. New to shopbot And Aspire
  132. ShopBot (arcs)(inch)(*.sbp) versus ShopBot Arc (inch) w/speed (*.sbp)
  133. Would like to create an inlay grid in MDF for my mini mosaic tiles (How to?)
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  135. 3D Barrel Racer in 9 inch log cookie
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  144. Anything Comparable to Aspire
  145. Help! Can't figure out how to make a even smooth miter fold cut in thick materiel!
  146. Does Vectric still exist?
  147. Box Gadget: I'm confused by the vectors for profiling ('Box Layer' vs CutOut Layer)
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  149. clip art disappears
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