View Full Version : new drawing board design .real amazing called jumbo

04-24-2015, 03:42 PM
I spoke to john about his new jumbo drawing board and asked if i could use his explanation video.
These are boards are like my one board(54x70) that can be bolted together to create very large drawing boards, on the spec sheet he shows a configuration
of 5 foot x 16 feet long thats amazing.
Its all done by a calibration template that you lay on the board joint and tell the software the board size
I have included some pictures and video to show what he has acomplished

this is a big change on drawing boards size is no limit

01-12-2016, 07:46 PM
further to john's drawing board here is my latest

https://youtu.be/gouGlNAwAtU wooden horse part1

https://youtu.be/Uqnz1n_naqY horse called penetangore