View Full Version : Bleeder Board Curled Up

07-28-2003, 06:15 AM
The vacuum holdown on my new PRT 120 has a bleeder board of 3/4 TruPan Ultralight. Worked great for the first two week just tacked to the table with a couple of sunk screws. But after a week of hot humid weather the board curled up like a potato chip - raising over an inch at the corners. The vacuum couldn't draw it flat.

I drilled a row of holes around the perimeter, installed T-nuts in the bottom of the support board, counterbored holes in the bleeder board, and used nylon 1/4" machine screws to hold the bleeder board tight to the table. Works great, but now I'm committed to doing this each time I change the bleeder board.

Not a big deal, but is there a better way?