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04-25-2009, 11:30 AM
I'm new and don't know much about the business, but i'm learning. As far as, importing part files into my machine, are there any certain setting that i should change on the shop-bot software that is installed on my machine, if so what and why?
Comments greatly appreciated!

04-26-2009, 12:09 AM
Each owner makes those choices themselves based on our individual needs.

Some changes I have made to my "default" settings..

I turned off the warning siren before the machine moves.

I re-defined the X and Y axes, my X is what Shopbot calls Y. It just makes more sense from where I usually stand relative to the machine.

After the C1 command to find the prox switches I have added an automatic offset to move the table to the same 0,0 point above the table. After any machine maintenance this point can shift a small amount and cause havoc. My adjustment allows that to be "put back" to the same location as before.

I changed the usable boundary limits of my table to better fit the way I use the machine.

I turned on the automatic generation of log files.

Probably there are two or three other things, but that gives the idea.

You will make your own changes, each one when it seems right. Very likely there are folks who haven't ever changed anything.

A significant part of the attraction to ShopBots is their flexibility, altering these parameters is just one part of that.

Hope that gives some feel as to what possibilities there are.