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05-01-2003, 10:52 PM

I've been playing with Vector in an effort to aquaint myself with it. Here's the deal. I have a nested sheet layout of cabinet parts. There are dados, mounting holes and then the actual part.

First, I have drawn out the sheetgood, in this case, a 1244mm x 2463mm x 19mm sheet of melamine. Then I draw out several cabinet end panels, each of which have all of those desired machining requirements. I imagine that it would be best to have the SB cut the first 12mm pass on everything - leaving a 7mm skin. Then go back and make the final pass, thus optimizing vac holddown.

I think I'm wanting to layer but I'm not sure. What would be the best procedure for approaching this? I need to get a firm grip on this because this will be a typical requirement for the machine.



05-02-2003, 08:50 AM
Layers are good in any CAD program.

In VECTOR one would have the ability to turn the layers off/on and get a proper part of a complete routine.

05-02-2003, 11:28 AM
Chris, could you mail (mailto:gerald@scapenotes.com) me your drawing please? I could give you a much better answer if I clearly understand your progress so far.

05-02-2003, 04:09 PM
I am doing nested parts in TurboCad right now. I simply use a different color for different tasks, whether it is dados, rabbets, slots, etc. You want to cut dados, holes, rabbets etc. first and cut out the piece last. I draw the individual pieces first and then insert them onto the mat'l sheet. I usually edit the program later so the bot cuts everything the most efficient way. It takes time, but is worth it if you will be cutting the same pieces all the time. If I can be of further help, send me an email.

05-03-2003, 07:47 AM
Chris, thanks for the file. We would also use different (named) layers to control our sequence of cutting. I have nested some of your parts on a board and allocated named layers to each detail as follows:
- Board outline
- Part outline
- 15mm deep circles
- 10mm deep dado
- 12mm deep outline cut
- final release cut (20mm deep)
(Those with Vector (9.4?) can download the file here (http://www.scapenotes.com/Laynestpanels.ccd).)

We would blank out the layers named board outline, part outline and final release cut and optimise the cutting of everything still visible (circles, dado, and 12mm outline cut). Then blank everything except final release cut, optimise the sequence and program final cut.

Only snag is, we would do all of the layer manipulation in AutoCad. I cannot find an easy way of blanking a family of layers in Vector. Can the Vector experts please help?

05-03-2003, 08:22 AM
With nothing selected:

Use Edit-Select. The list of all layer names on the left is boolean(AND) and only those items with the selected layer names will be selected. The CTRL-Left Click sequence, allows multiple selections.

Then Change-Attributes-Blank. The layer name box remains empty, because items with multiple layer names are selected.

Fred Smith - IMService

05-03-2003, 10:40 AM
Thanks Fred! With the Edit > Select feature there is then no real need to blank the "unwanted" layers. Simply go from Edit > Select to
Change > Reorganize (minimise jogging) to
Draw > Other Curves > Connect at Z to
Special > Insert NC (select Shopbot driver) to
the CAM window and then Special > Generate NC

Then repeat the above steps for the final release cut.

Would that be efficient enough Fred?