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06-24-2001, 11:51 PM
My object is fine till I connect chains, then Vector is adding a reverse move every 2nd step
on the curves.

glasses.zip (http://www.talkshopbot.com/forum/messages/20164/glasses.zip) (9 k)

Gerald D
06-25-2001, 03:18 AM
Rob, your file does not open with Vector 8, presume you are using Vector 9?

Does Vector 9 give an option to save a file in Vector 8 format?

Personally I have no intention to "upgrade" until I can fully understand what Vector 8 can do and what Vector 9 will do better - in comparison to other products on the market.

06-25-2001, 06:32 AM
I am also considering upgrading to Vector 9 but is there a proper documentation available of is it just an add-on to the series of addenda ?

This would be the most compelling reason to upgrade by far.


06-25-2001, 08:21 AM

Sorry, I should have mentioned that, it is Vector 9.
I think the program is excellent as far as learning curve and available tools, and the support is outstanding.

06-25-2001, 09:17 AM
Rob, Trim your geometry before connecting. You have gaps between the lines and arcs. Change-Trim + Extend Chain. This will close the little gaps and your Shift Selections will select all the way around the outline of the glasses.

If you have drawn it so that the entities cannot chain together with trimming, try to draw-Line connect after click selecting each entity in the desired order and direction. (not connect at Z). This will make a selectable chain.

06-25-2001, 02:22 PM
Fred, that worked well, thanks.
I have extended the arms of the glasses and will cut it from .060 polycarbonate so the arms can bend. This might be a useful file for trade show demos.(Use 1/16 bit)

glases.zip (http://www.talkshopbot.com/forum/messages/20164/glases.zip) (9 k)