View Full Version : Drilling Selection with VectorCam

08-27-2001, 12:31 PM
As a result of some questions at the Shopbot_Vector class last weekend, I thought I would pass along a tip about using Vector to drill holes.

If you are joining points or circles, select the first point by left Clicking, and then select the rest by any method you choose.

Special-Simulate to see the order.

Next Change-Reorganize, and all the selections will be rearranged so that the nearest hole to the first one selected will be 2nd, the next nearest one to the second will be 3rd, etc.

Special simulate to see the revised selection order. This should be the most efficient drilling pattern selection in most cases.

Draw a grid of holes to see this in action. It will zig zag through the holes just exactly as you would have wanted it if you had laboriously selected each point.

Have Fun