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08-19-2006, 04:46 PM
Vectric are pleased to announce that Version 3.1 of VCarve Pro has been released. This is a free update for all registered users of VCarve Wizard and VCarve Pro. All customers have been e-mailed the download details so if you haven't received this information please drop a note to support@vectric.com (mailto:support@vectric.com)

Below is a list of the new features and changes that have been included in version 3.1

Circular Arc Output

This is the major change for version 3.1. Profile and Pocketing toolpaths created from designs which contain arcs will now be output CG moves for ShopBots. This results in smaller toolpath file sizes with smoother and improved edge quality.

As well as changes to the program, we have also had to modify the postprocessors to support the new commands. Therefore, when you go to save a toolpath with the new version you will see new ShopBot PostProcessors available with the word 'Arcs' in the description.

Preserve Arcs / Beziers When Welding

In previous versions, when two vectors were 'welded' together the resulting vector approximated any arcs and beziers in the shape with short straight line segments. This made it hard to edit the shapes subsequently. With version 3.1 the arcs and beziers are preserved wherever possible making the design process much more enjoyable.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Added align horizontal and align vertical icons to drawing tab
Display warning if import AI/EPS/PDF files which only contain bitmap data
Set cursor for zoom and pan as soon as tool is selected
Remove S shortcut for scale as used for smooth point. Now use T for scale ([T]ransform)
Changed drawing and selection order so that more recent objects are 'over'
older objects when drawn and selecting

For a full list of changes and bug fixes please see the thread called "Version 3.1 Released" on the Vectric forum at ... http://vectric.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

Let us know if you have any questions or we can help in any way.

The Vectric Team

08-25-2006, 06:52 PM
This morning, after working on a nested cut-file to liberate 11 ballustrade bits from a sheet of MDF (samples,thus the MDF) we ran the file.
It cut okay, but had chatter marks due to machine vibration in the bends and curves
(but dead sweet and smooth on the straight paths).

Frankly, given the vibration we were seeing on the gantries,
the chatter marks on the parts cut were not as big as they shoulda bin!
Yes, that bad!
We made this .sbp cutfile using VCarve Pro 3.1
(and have now tried two of the SB config files available to non-Alpha Bot's,with same vibration results).

After we cut them out, I then ran an old VECTOR9-generated .sbp cut file
(a Victorian porch bracket,with far tighter turns and corners)
to discover that the Bot cut the file,
in the same sheet of MDF(anything would do,for this experiment)
like a hot knife thru butter..beautifully smooth!

The difference was ALARMING,
and pointed up the error of our ways, in making the ballustrade cut-file.

It's not the machine: it's not Vector: it's not VCarve Pro 3.1:
-it's operator error in generating lousy NC,somewhere along the line.

Between Paul and I,
I'm the business buddy with quite a bit of Vector9 experience and comfort level/confidence,
but he's the one who's dead keen on VCarve Pro
and is still on the learning curve,so to speak.
I'm just not sure about the way one arrives at Numeric Code, with VCarve Pro,
so I'm in no position to judge,
but clearly something is wrong(with the N.code the machine is reading?)
thus I ask your help, suggestions, anything that might set us straight.


08-26-2006, 03:23 PM

Are you using the ShopBot(inch) or the ShopBot(arcs)(inch) post processor? I believe this could make a big difference as the inch post will have to break the arc down into segments which could cause issues.

08-26-2006, 08:21 PM
Also check the arc in VCP to be sure that it's truely a arc and not a bezier. Check the part file too. If you're using the "Arc Inch" post, there should be a CG command at the point of the arc.

08-27-2006, 08:49 AM
Seems it was a matter of the imported geometry
(imported via Inkscape) - "too many Nodes on the curves", I'm told!
Another reason I prefer to do my own design, via Plodding Old Vector-9!

And yes, we're finding out a lot about the difrnt SB post-processors in VCarve Pro,too!
Thanks for your tips/suggestions.

08-27-2006, 06:15 PM
Tell me something,guys..
Would anyone consider VCarve Pro a program for beginners to cut their teeth on?

Would it, or would it not help to have some (Vector?) experience prior to adapting VCarve Pro as one's design/toolpath application of choice?

I'm deeply grounded in Vector(9) as my CAD program.
It's what I learned via instruction from John Forney, back in early 2001
(thank you again,John!)
when I HATED IT, having never done ANything CAD-program,before.

Call it initiation by fire, but it's what happened to me.
Years later, I haven't felt the need to dabble with anything else,
I find Part Wizard QUITE strange in 'feel', and very un-Vector-like!
(in looks, I also find Part Wiz. and VCarve Pro to be similar, am I correct?)

I've tried to get my SB buddy,here into Vector, but he didn't take to it too well.
He seems to really like VCarve Pro, to the point where he put down his money for a copy!
I don't want to break the guy away from his new toy, but I find myself wondering if maybe he's using a more-complex program than the average beginner should be starting with...or is it just me?
The other thing is.. he never had a John Forney give him 'one-on-one' re. VCarve Pro, like how Forney helped me learn Vector!
So far, he's been relying on Tutorials and Help files for any 'tuition'....

Any comments to help me help him, would be much appreciated.

08-27-2006, 07:04 PM
Along with all of the tutorials available, forward your friend to the VETRIC's user forum (http://www.vectric.com/forum/) and he won't need ANYTHING else to use this VERY friendly user CAD/CAM package. AND he will have way more tools and features than with PW (which is kinda good too but lack some VERY nice feature; good getting-started gift from SB)...

VETRIC's V Carve PRO IS the software to have for getting into CNC/CAD/CAM. VETRIC's team WILL be there for support and assistance to further knowledge to get the most of VCP and his CNC tool.

Money well spent if you ask me.

08-27-2006, 07:06 PM
David, like you said, you had John Forney's tutelage. I've been using it for six years. Throw Vector at someone who has had little Cad/Cam experience and they're goin' to pop a vein in short order.

If a person can draw parts in a Cad program (AutoCad, TurboCad, or artsey stuff in CorelDraw)or draw simpler parts and artsey stuff in VCP, you can quickly make toolpaths in VCP without a lot of effort. You may not have the degree of control over some things as you do in Vector, but sometimes you just don't need to. You can control start points and place tabs anywhere in VCP now and that alone has made the choice for me to use VCP instead of Vector for a number of projects. If I have v-carving, pocketing, and profiling to be done on the same part, I can use VCP for everything.

08-27-2006, 10:01 PM
Paco, Scott..

Thanks for your inputs.

08-28-2006, 06:26 PM
As I remember you thought Vector tool paths were the worst. I still use vector to draw in but I tool path in VCarve Pro or ArtCam Pro because the tool paths are some much better. Between the two, VCarve Pro is much smoother in V Carving.

If you like, please send me the Vector drawing and the VCarve Pro drawing and I'll be glad to check out which toolpath is better.

John Forney

08-28-2006, 07:10 PM
Hi, John..
Nice to hear you again, after several years.

Thanks for your offer to try to sort of Paul's VCarve Pro problem with shuddering on the machine.
(I continue to use Olde Faithful, Vector9!)

I'll email you privately, sending some files, attached.

Thanks again

08-29-2006, 12:07 PM
I cut the vic-earz with both the Vector CadCam tool path and the VCarve Pro File. I saw no difference even to the point that any roughness was in both cuts and I assume is in the original file.

As a side note, if you select the inside cuts individually and cut each one to depth, then cut the outside it will cut approximately 3 minutes off the time for each piece. That is about half the time.

Glad to see you are using Vector and it is good to hear from you.

I will take this out of the forum and go directly to Paul. I simply see nothing wrong with the VCarve Pro cutting and actually thought it was a wee bit smoother.

John Forney

08-29-2006, 10:17 PM
Thanks for running the comparisons.
We may have problems locally with the machine..
I dunno.

Thanks also for the time-saving advice
about separating the 2 routines, internal and exterior!