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06-10-2001, 10:09 PM
This conversation started in two other threads, so I'm giving it it's own thread.

My original complaint had to do with what I perceived as inadequacies with Vector's Pocket-Contour Parallel function. The specific instance that I referred to involved Black Adder ITC font.

Now Fred, you are correct, and I was already aware, of the need for enough space for the size bit being used. I've done quite a good amount of pocketing and know the settings fairly well. This pocketing issue has occurred before, but I had assumed each time that it was either operator error or a problem with the original entity's geometry.

You had also mentioned that Black Adder has essentially poor geometry that causes problems with the pocketing function. While some poor geometry with certain letters may exist, I couldn't find any instances in my file which support that.

I believe the problem is elsewhere. When, for instance, I try to pocket only a lower case 'c' in the file which contains the entire sign's layout, the software either ignores the command or freezes up. If, however, I cut and paste that same letter 'c' into a new file which contains no other information, the software pockets the letter as it should.

06-11-2001, 07:10 AM
Further to this remark, I have been trying to do several pocketing at the same time in Vector : ie : you have 4 separated squares, you select the 4 of them and then you try to pocket each of them, it invariably treats the three last one a funny way with the cutter going out of the borders of the pockets. The only solution is to select one square, make the pocket, select the next one, maket a pocket and so one.
It is OK for 4 squares, less so for 200.
Any ideas ?


06-11-2001, 09:32 AM
Try a reorganize. Try shift select, blank the geometry, re-draw. Box select the same region, does anything select?

Steve if you believe that you have a non-compute in Vector, I suggest you take it to the Vector support forum. at http://www.imsrv.com

You will get a quicker resolution and the problem if valid and repeatable will go into the support notes to Centriforce.

Olivier, the pocket function in versions prior to version 9, should only be used for one outside contour at a time. I have mentioned this previously. The new pocket function in Vector 9 can handle multiple nested as well as separated pockets.