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  1. Sell to anyone?

    Good morning Mr. Rosenbleeth,

    If a person is operating a company making any type of a product and then selling it, then they are operating escentually a commercial business. They are welcome to...
  2. Different prices

    Good morning Mr. Stanek, It is not about who any person may or may not be. It is all about the type of business a person may be operating. Re-sale or personal usage. There are only two price lists...
  3. "public information"

    Mr. Wood, Good morning. There is information from this forum that all of you have signed up with. I can certainly use this info to contact any one of you, and that is nice. I can not use this public...
  4. R&b tool supply, inc. 'Registration' Info.

    Gentlemen, good morning. I would like to take a moment after reading your comments to reflect a little. What we ask for in our registration process is simply your mailing address and your shipping...
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    Hello A M..

    Thanks for your post. We have found that qualifying customers' is fairly easy to do. Those customers' that are serious come across that way and are easy to talk to about their needs. Those that try...
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    R&B Tool Supply, Inc. Website marketing

    Good morning Gentlemen. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and to place your commentary. Your contribution is respected and essential. We appreciate it wholly and know it is well received....
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    R&B Tool Supply, Inc. Now "Live" Online

    Greetings woodworkers: Just to let those of you whom may be interested know that; R&B Tool supply, Inc. now has it's website located at operating "live". In order to utilize the...
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    There are numerous ways to achieve a smooth...

    There are numerous ways to achieve a smooth finish on MDF, or anything else for that matter. The easiest way, and likely the best way is to use a tool (Bit) that is made of super sub-micron high...
  9. About the 3/8" once resharpened bits

    Hello Everyone,

    I should have been more specific about the compression bits. These are a standard size bit that all manufacturers offer. It is R&B Tool Supply, Inc. tool number KRB.375-1 2+2....
  10. Once Resharpened Compression bits for sale

    Hello everyone,

    R&B Tool Supply, Inc. would like to make known that we have excessive inventory in once resharpened 3/8" origional diameter 2+2 compression bits. These are re-sized to .360 -.361...
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    R&B Tool Supply, Inc. / in Atlanta

    Hi Guys,

    R&B Tool Supply, Inc. will be attending the IWF show. We will be located in Building 'B' in booth #6927 just a couple of rows away from the food Court. Drop by and check out our bits. We...
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    Many Thanks to the Beta Testers!

    R&B Tool Supply would like to thank all that participated in our Beta Test program. There were a total of 35 Testers. I would like to also apologise to everyone for my extended absence from this...
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    Solid Carbide Spiral Bits

    Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted to introduce our Company and tell everybody that we will be located across the isle from the ShopBot booth at thw AWFS Vegas show in July. We will have our tools...
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