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    SE Idaho project

    Looking for someone to carve a 24" X 48" x 3" project guitar project. Hopefully SE Idaho or N Utah. I supply materials and CAD and I can generate all G-codes. One each, maybe more if they sell.
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    You know, when the guys complained of the problem...

    You know, when the guys complained of the problem i just looked at the threads and went "yup, broke" Never thought to see if they knew to snap the sucker in. I'm grateful for a large wide forehead...
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    Stripped spindle threads

    Have shopbot buddy with AT-MT 1073-070 spindle. The er25 collet nut only grabbed 2 threads and as you might guess eventually stripped. Is there a source for an er25 collet nut with longer thread...
  4. dots

    Yeah and any other punctuation mark other than straight letters or numerals. hm... now HOW did I find that out?:o
  5. Anyone having trouble saving converted files?

    I've been posting cad/cam files and then converting them to sbp files with the shopbot console. Been doing fine for 2 years and many many files. Just today it stopped saving the sbp files. It will...
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