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  1. Hi Eric. I'm using Fusion360 and their OpenSBP...

    Hi Eric. I'm using Fusion360 and their OpenSBP post-processor. I don't have an air drill so can't comment on that. I have seen the jogging behaviour you mention. I haven't been surprised by it though...
  2. Understanding indexed toolpaths in SBC software

    I'm just getting ready to run my first test with the Indexer at our local maker space. I'll start my doing it in free space (no stock at all) before moving on to run with a piece of foam and then to...
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    Shopbot Desktop Remediation

    A couple of months ago I joined Vancouver MakerLabs. After taking their intro CNC course, I have spent a fair number of hours learning Fusion 360 and working with their little Shopbot Desktop. The...
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