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  1. Everything except the router is original to the...

    Everything except the router is original to the 2010-11 timeframe. The Aspire is version 2.015. The replacement router has fewer than probably two run-time hours on it. I have new bits for it too. ...
  2. Picture of the ClearView Cyclone for sale

    Its sale will also include all the 220V electrical wiring, if desired.
    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.
  3. For Sale: ShopBot Buddy 48"x24" PRSstandard BT48 San Antonio, TX

    Purchased in 2010

    Porter Cable router

    Dedicated computer with software and licenses for design and operation. Aspire, VCarve, controller

    ClearVue Cyclone 5 hp dust collector CV1800 LH with...
  4. Thread: Testing

    by John Rice


    32814Testing 1 with pic

    Not sure why the pic itself isn’t loading in this area. Only the “attach” text is.
    Not sure how to avoid the pic being rotated. It isn’t in my camera.

    Edit test: Pic...
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