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    Question Backup UPS...

    What would happen if I placed a UPS on the 110V portion of the shopbot controller? I know the 220V side would go down. Would there be an advantage, added protection, easier resume? I've been pondering that question.

    We had a recent series of power glitches, a series of about 6 of them. It just kept chattering with the power pops, they were so fast. It finally disconnected and everything stopped.

    Anyone done that? Ideas? Opinions?


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    well if you want protection for brownouts or surges I can see it. but having the cnc still runnig but the router/spindle stopping would not be good.

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    I have the same power glitches in my area and are convinced one of the best (and least expensive) ways to go is to install a magnetic switch in the supply circuit. You can get them rated for both voltages. Any voltage drop and everything goes dead until you choose to restart. Also can double as an additional emergency stop.

    See the post near the end of this page:


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