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Thread: 50 pre-made textures for sale.

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    Default 50 pre-made textures for sale.

    i have put together 100 textures on a disk. the title says 50, i have added more. for a free sample, email me.
    simply import them as a bitmap into 3d software, such as Aspire, Artcam, Enroute etc.
    then make them a component. then adjust them as you would with any 3d clipart you import.
    set size and depth and smoothness. sometimes i add a vector to cut out what i don't want. depends on which file and what i am doing. you can scale them 4x8 feet if you want to. sometimes i array copy them, blending them to each other using the merge feature.

    the options are endless. included are wave patterns and objects like stars and hearts and leaves. go to ebay under - cnc 3d texture- to see some pics.

    forum user price is 45.00 including shipping. just email me at - i take visa and mastercard and checks.
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    bought one off the ebay, looks good!!


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