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Thread: Updating drivers for updating software

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    Default Updating drivers for updating software

    We are interested in updating our Shopbot related software. for example we have VCarvePro 4.5 and wanted to try out the new 5.5. We have a dedicated computer for our Shopbot that has no internet/no modem. When I tried to install the new trial version of 5.5 on our computer I got the message that our drivers are outdated. With our regular work computer that has internet access our drivers are kept current automatically through Windows. How do we go about knowing how to update our stand alone Shopbot computer to be able to make our software able to load? Thanks for any technical advice I can get, Deb Twark

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    Connect the bot computer to the net for xp updates once a month...load windows updates home page.

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    Go to the Vid Card mfgr site and using your model number, find the proper driver/software combo. When you click on the download button, you can either "download" (which saves to a temp file) or "save". Choose save and specify a path that you can locate when the download is complete. Take that file and either burn it to a CD or send it to a thumb drive.

    Insert above media into Bot computer and save to a location there.
    Double click the file (it should be an .EXE) and upgrade your vid drivers and software
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    Hello Deb,

    What is the exact error message that you are seeing and at what point
    are you seeing this?

    What operating system do you have on your computer?



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