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    I know this is a older post but i wanted to offer up what i have been using for some time that may help others.

    First off i run over 100 websites and all of them are hosted on Host Gator after years of problems with so many others host Gator just works and has 24/7 call in support and they fix any problem on the phone right away i have called in many times at 3 and 4am needing help and got it.

    Go daddy sucks for hosting very slow servers that are way over crowded they offer a new package that sounds great but is not lots of down time and over crowded servers.

    But Go daddy has great prices for buying website names i have most of names with them pointing to my host Gator hosting accounts i have many of them.

    For a website go with a free wordpress site Google loves wordpress sites and you can use a unlimited amount of free plugins.

    In your Host Gator admin area you can install Wordpress with in a few mins and have a website up in a short time under 30 mins.

    For a shopping cart i like to use you can use the free version or have more features for a month to month cost i pay for the month to month version you can set this up very easy and sell anything.

    Adding this to your new wordpress website is as easy as adding in a free plugin and copying and pasting some code into your site. You could have a shopping cart up and running in under 30 mins then you need to just add products and photos.

    Once you have a new website you need to get it indexed many SEO places charge a lot for this but it is easy to do on your own.
    Do not bother with requesting to be indexed with google that can take forever.

    Go to Yahoo and join a chat room or two and post about something and say hay take a look at my new website and post a link to your home page.

    Google spiders yahoo chats every day many times a hour and they will find your post and say hay this is not indexed yet in Google and they will index you sometimes with in a hour or two. I have had new websites i started go from not indexed to page one in Google in less then 2 hours doing this - other times it may take a few days.

    Also if you have facebook account post a link to your new site in that as google spiders facebook all the time more then ever now days.
    Also start a free Google plus account and post your site in that Google looks at that right away.

    Post you new website to places like here and that may ever work as i am sure Google spiders this all the time to.

    Now days with the recent Google changes that went into effect it is more easy for new sites to show up better faster for a local search just keep it basic and do not over stuff keywords in your site.

    Sign up with yelp and yahoo for free business listings that will help your site move up faster.
    Get some good reviews in yelp and yahoo and google will love you.

    I did not say this but you can buy good reviews here for $5 you can buy a lot of things here for $5 and sell you own stuff to. Search for yelp reviews this is what all the big SEO people do and use a lot real reviews for random people for $$

    Just some website and SEO info from a long time website user...

    Wanted to add Know you webhost. Many people do not understand that many small webhost company's are not what they look like.
    Many of them buy reseller accounts with Host Gator i have them to and then you can be your own webhost and sell webhost packages with your branded name you set up i do not sell hosting package but it cost me less buying it this way for my own sites.
    Another words a lot thousands of website host company's are just reseller accounts setup with Host Gator you just never know it. Their is only a few large hosting companys left now dasy that offer good service most all the other are just reseller accounts it cost them less to do it this way.

    Manage your own servers and pay out rages fees each month to run your own servers or pay a very small fee and run you web host business with a reseller account and let them manage all the servers and cost.

    The website business is not what many people think it is same with SEO business most al of them use the same set ot SEO tools the rest is marketing and in most cases you can buy the same tools for less then paying a SEO company and do it yourself.
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