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Thread: What is the command SC?

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    Default What is the command SC?

    I find on my cu butt files from Aspire the command SC followed by 1,1 or 1,0 but I can not find it listed in the command listings.

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    SC is clear user variables. Are you sure you're not seeing SO,1,1 which is set output 1 to on and SO,1,0 which is set output 1 off. This is normally used to start router or spindle.
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    Ken is partially correct. [S] [L] is clear user variables. You probably have the [S] [O] which does turn a spindle or router on (or off depending on 0 or 1).

    [S] [C] may be a legacy command that set to single step mode. Hasnt been used in a long time
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    If you're looking at the file in the ShopBot editor you might find that what you think is SC is in fact SO.

    The font used in the editor makes a capital O look like a capital C.

    AS Gary says the SO command is used to switch the outputs. SO,1,1 usually turns the spindle on and SO,1,0 turns it off.

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    Default it is SO

    Thanks all-when I look closer is see the very light part of the O. Thanks all

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