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    Hello Everyone!

    If you need any help with the BobCAD software, please let me know.

    Shape Cutting

    BobCAD is used with many different types of machines. Mills, Lathes, Routers, Water jet, plasma, lasers etc.

    It's mainly uses as a simple CAD to draw parts or import parts from other CAD systems.

    Many BobCAD customers use the standard V24 with Nesting to program their shape cutting machines.

    Watch this video to learn more, and please leave any comments on the work flow or options you did or didn't see.

    Slot Making: Contour Ramping

    BobCAD has recently added contour ramping to it's 2D profile feature. With this option checked, your profile tool path will "ramp" or "Helix" to the DOC at a depth or angle increment the users sets.

    This option is great! But I am looking for feed back to improve this tool path.

    Watch this video to see it in action, and please leave your comments.

    SLDPRT Files : Open Pockets

    BobCAD V24 Pro has some many new tool paths. One of which is advance roughing, this allows you to machine from the outside in on any surface or solid model.

    In this video I show you how to import a SolidWorks file and generate tool path for an open pocket.

    Al DePoalo
    877-262-2231 X147
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    Al DePoalo

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