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    Have seen posts on the ShopBot forum and noticed that comments on the BobCad software and its tech support about 3 years ago were very negative. Just made the mistake of buying "super deal" BobCad v24 package from a cold call THEN reading about it on the forum. I have not activated my software yet and have started the process of getting a credit card refund but that is uncertain. What is the prevailing opinion about the PartWorks 3D package and how it performs in basic 3D modeling and especially. I have been making, among other things, a men’s pommel for the sport of gymnastics. This is basically a “U” shaped Baltic Birch tube cut in halves to glue around a threaded steel rod. I collaborated with Grant Bailey (when he still lived here in Texas) for the basic model and jigging. His process has worked and I’ve produced and sold about 60 pairs to date. There are problem with assembly though and now I hope to learn modeling myself. ArtCam is just plain out of my budget. Aspire is at the limit of that budget and from the standpoint of getting my feet wet in 3D PartWorks combined with the ShopBot/Vectric upgrade process make some sense to me. Any opinions and advise?? Thanks in advance.
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    I have no experience with BobCad, but poor software can kill a CNC business.
    Take a good look at the forum Aspire sections, especially the writing from Viktor for out of the box thinking on what can be done with Aspire quickly and efficiently. The complex shapes of 3d corbels are just one example, his elegantly simple solution to that problem can probably easily solve your pommel shapes. Many of us do a lot of 3d moldings, this program is the way to go for 2 1/2d, IMHO.
    My website is only partially built, but the table bases shown there are essentially a different application of those techniques.

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    I've got V23 I've been using it for a year. I've had more problems then not. It is functional when it wants to be. PartWorks and Partworks3D should be asisted with a cad package in my opinion. Partwords 3d isn't designed for 3d modeling at all. It just mills the models you import. Aspire is nice too but with the Partworks 3d you might be able to get a 3d modeling and embossing program for cheaper. I still use Bobcad for 3d models if i can't do it with Sketchup.


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