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Thread: Spindle on all the time?

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    Default Spindle on all the time?

    I'm doing a project, where I'm controlling the movement of the shopBot through the processing platform. Processing generates a new sbp-file in every loop and runs it in the shopBot software.

    My problem is that i would like to have the shopBot milling while I'm moving it, but it turns of the spindle every time it finishing the file.

    Is there a way to make the spindle run constantly?

    I've tried to change the input-parameters for the spindle, but non of it seems to work.


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    I am pretty sure that SB3 stops the spindle at the end command at the end of a file. For obvious safety reasons.

    You could modify the postp and temporarily remove the end command, or insert an "SO,1,1" command into your loop so that it restarts.

    I also did not understand the "milling while moving" line. You are cutting in between files?
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