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Thread: How much is too much ?(weight)

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    Here is the post I found about this: It's in shopbot accesories titled "Indexer with a larger than 6" diameter". The following statement was in there made by Gene Marshall---- "A Good Tip...
    turn off the control box and unplug the indexer before mounting the blank. "If you happen to turn that head chuck while it is connected, you will be shipping a control board to durham NC before you can say OH $#!T.

    I wouldn't know if that pertains to both standards and alphas, or like I said, if it's an actual fact/myth.

    The post I listed above also talks about some heavier items that are turned.

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    Thanks Jim , those old posts were usefull. I have turned the indexer with the power off ( slowly) with no ill effect so far. Maybe I won't do that any more!
    I assume there is a connector inside that square rubber covering about a foot or so along the cable from the indexer motor , maybe i'll cut that open and unplug when I want to turn the chuck by hand. As for the posts I need to do , they are in cherry , about 6' long , 8" dia. I think I will just slow everything down. Say 30rpm , .125 depth per pass , .02 stepover.
    Thanks everyone for your help , I'll post pictures when done.

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    Please read that above post carefully!!!!!! It says also to NOT disconnect the cable wire unless the control power is turned OFF!!! There has been several people warn me about this. If you disconnect the wire with the control box on, I believe that it will blow out the "driver" which is costly.

    I, too, have slowly turned the indexer while the control box power is off without any mishap yet. I try to do it as little as possible. It seems as if the warning comes with bumping the indexer with a heavy load that makes it turn while the unit is powered up. To me, it would seem like this would be a similar circumstance as the other stepper motors when a "mishap" occurs and it would not be a complete disaster. BUT, I don't want to take that chance to find out!!!!


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