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Thread: Just a few things I have worked on (Thankyou to all)

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    Default Just a few things I have worked on (Thankyou to all)

    Just thought I would say hello and thankyou to all of you guys for your great information. Hopefully I will get experienced enough to help one day.
    Have been reading this forum for some time now. Got my BT 48 standard in march of this year. Love it!!! Haven't done a lot of projects with it, just a lot of testing. Quit my job five months ago (boss was a jerk) so I had better make something happen soon!!! Just thought I would show you guys some of the things you have helped me make. My very first job was reverse cut vinyl on plexiglas and back sprayed. Second was for my fiancee and self explanitory.
    The third one gentlemen, make sure you use your spell checker BEFORE building your project. Thanks again to all!!

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    Welcome, nice looking projects, Colleens Garden is very nice. Russ

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    Hi Rick,

    going by the look of the projects you have shown you should have no trouble selling your work. Like Russ I was taken by the garden sign. The font used really suits and the layout is certainly thinking well outside the square.

    All well done.



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