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Thread: compliance depot

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    When I do work for BIG outfits, I am required to carry 2M liability and 1M vehicle, owned/non-owned. And I do not usually step foot onto my customer's site. But I am talking about government complexes, federal contractors and majors like Disney.

    And if I were to sign a contract and THEN someone told me I needed to go through a 3rd party verifications company, I would tell them that I was not going to do that. All that stuff gets negotiated up front. And just exactly how do they allow everyone under the sun to bid? Did they do NO qualifications pprior to bid submission? Why would they want to parse all those bids, if a lot of them would be non-compliant. Not a good procurement plan.

    And if they are going to pile on, after the fact, with hidden stipulations to qualify you, then you are probably going to get a whole lot of other unknown-when-you-bid issues that you'll have to deal with throughout the contract.

    If someone ever tells me that I need to go through Compliance Depot, I would decline. Don't let yourselves get rail roaded into something that detracts from your business. I actually declined to increasae my coverage for a job a few years ago. I told the customer that having $5M coverage was just BEGGING someone to file suit. Don't be afraid to tell the worl what you really think ( as long as it is logical and reasonable!)


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    I agree with MGM, who ever that is.

    After bidding two apartment additions and being approved for my $23,000 proposal, it was then I was informed I need to get the insurance. Not knowing what all this added up to, I made the insurance requirements and was approved.

    If I had it to do again, no thanks. It's extortion.

    O by the way, I don't respond to posts with fake names. I want to know who I'm corresponding with. Hiding behind an alias and not being up front who they are isn't right.

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