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Thread: PartWorks "head 2" preview issues?

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    Default PartWorks "head 2" preview issues?

    I'm having some issues trying to get files created in PartWorks using any of the "head 2" Post Processors to preview properly in the ShopBot control software.

    I did find that editing a head 2 PP with the following in the footer:

    &my_XinHead2offset=0 'These values must remain zero for the preview to display properly.

    Shifts the cut path lines so they are in alignment with those done on Head 1, but the cut path appears to hover over the material - it seems all Z movement is disregarded.

    Consequently, if I try to preview those paths, when they render nothing shows in the "wood" of the render.

    I know I can save duplicate part files for both Heads, but then if I have to tweak one, I have to do both... it gets complicated and confusing pretty quickly.
    By the way I'm using the newest version of PartWorks 3.503 and the most recent control software 3.6.42.

    Anyone else had this problem?
    Open to all ideas of a fix.

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    Default Nobody else has this issue?

    I posted the question about previewing Head 2/ AUX Z part files in ShopBot three years ago, 490 views but no replies.

    With that many views, it doesn't seem that I'm the only one with this issue? Does everyone else just always save a Head 1 and Head 2 version if they want to see it display in Shopbot? I write a lot of routines that call up cut files for both heads. If I have to tweak a file, I then have to tweak both Primary and Auxiliary files.
    I even tried having them both in a routine and " ' " apostrophe-ing out one or the other depending on whether I was cutting or previewing, but you only have to forget once and have the wrong one active to ruin some wood.

    Doesn't anyone have a clever Post Processor tweak up their sleeve to fix this?

    IF anyone's solved this, I sure hope you'll share it.

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    I would send this one straight to Shopbot with an example file attached David.

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