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Thread: Festive Cookie Stamps Project

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    Default Festive Cookie Stamps Project


    Here is the October 2011 project I created for VCarve Pro 6 and Aspire 3 owners. It is a FREE download, courtesy of Vectric!

    Make your own “cookie factory” with these fun Cookie Stamps! The project features nine cookie stamp designs plus a convenient rack to store your stamps. Kids and adults alike can have a great time “stamping” decorative cookies!

    The designs are V-carved into DuPont™ Corian® but any solid-surface machinable countertop material will do. Cast acrylic would work also, but please avoid non-cast acrylic plastics, as these tend to melt when machined. Sources for solid-surface material include cabinet shops, eBay, or you can order 10" x 10" samples directly from Dupont (see source page). I used ¼" -thick material, but ½" is fine, as well. (Remember to alter the material thickness in the Cookie_Stamps.crv file if you use a thickness other than the specified ¼" ).

    The overall dimensions of the assembled project are 13" L x 5" D x 4¼" H.

    • I created the design/layout using Vectric's VCarve Pro 6 software. The project is compatible with VCarve Pro 6 and Aspire 3 (or newer versions)

    • I used a ShopBot PRSAlpha BT48 to run this project and the toolpath settings were specifically for that machine and bits I used. You can make changes to suit your particular machine, bits, etc.

    I used the following bits...
    All V-Carves: 90° V-Bit
    Cut Profiles: 1/4" Down-Cut EM

    Apply the finish of your choice. Here’s what I used on the sample Festive Cookie Stamps project made from Maple and Oak:

    • Minwax Natural stain #209 (on stand only)
    • Food-Safe clear finish on all wood

    NOTE: No finish is applied to the Corian stamp surface

    Special thanks to ShopBot and Vectric for making this project possible!
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    Wow, pretty neat. Makes me want a crv to stl converter.

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    I tried carving some cookies , it didnt work out too good . i kept breaking the bits.

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    You were reading the recipe called for 1 part milk and 2 parts coconuts....not concrete
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    I never could read none too good

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