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    Here is the December 2011 project I created for V-Carve Pro 6.5 and Aspire 3.5 owners. It is a FREE download, courtesy of Vectric!

    Stow your mail with this “old tyme” decorative Mail Repository! The project features three mail receptacles - one for Letters, another for Accounts (bills) and the final one for ‘Variant’ (miscellaneous). Alternatively, you can use it as a container for silk plants as a unique addition to your home decor.

    The sample was finished with a faux metallic technique to resemble an antique brass casting, but it can be finished any way you prefer. The overall dimensions of the finished project are about 27" H x 12" W x 3" D.

    • I created the design/layout using Vectric's VCarve Pro 6.5 software. The project is compatible with VCarve Pro 6.5, the current version of ShopBot PartWorks, and Aspire 3.5 (or newer versions)

    • I used a ShopBot PRSAlpha BT48 to run this project and the toolpath settings were specifically for that machine and bits I used. You can make changes to suit your particular machine, bits, etc.

    I used the following bits...
    All V-Carves: 90° V-Bit
    Cut Profiles: 1/4" Down-Cut EM

    Apply your choice of finish. Here’s what I used on the sample Mail Repository project made from Maple:

    • 2 coats Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer (spray), sanding between coats
    • 3 coats Rustoleum Hammered Gold #7210 (spray)
    • 1 “spritz” coat Krylon Brilliant Gold (spray)
    • Brushed-on thinned Burnt Sienna acrylic craft paint, then wiped off and sponged for an “antique brass” look
    • 2 coats Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic (spray)

    Special thanks to ShopBot and Vectric for making this project possible!
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