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Thread: I cut my head badly on my BT48 today...

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    wHAT DEPTHS DID YOU SET YOUR TOOLPATHS FOR WHEN MAKING THE (****) round lithopanes? I know you said the pipes are not exacly round but did you "skin it" first or just go a little deeper with your toolpaths?

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    I experimented with the necessary depth of cut gradually until I found it was just cutting all the way around. I used the cylinder gadget in Aspire.

    When I had a "true cylinder" (Skinned it), then I re-zero to the top of the cylinder, and setup a new file using the wrapping gadget, not to exceed my remaining material thickness for the lithophane.

    I measured the height of the pipe, and subtracted a few inches from each end for clearance to determine my "material size" in Aspire.

    I checked the pipes remaining thickness with a micrometer.

    I opened a new Aspire file and set the size, imported my photo, constrained it with a box around the picture, then subtracted the height of the photo.
    I needed to make sure it wasn't going to cut through, so I checked the remaining material below the file. It looked about right. .015 - .020

    I cut the rough toolpath with a 1/4" end mill.

    The finish toolpath was cut with a 1/8" ballnose.

    I used the indexer post processor for both.
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    I have a pair of Bosch 6" extrusion 'risers' for raising the gantry/table sides up for extra clearance when using the indexer on a BT tool. This is what I did when I had the indexer on my BT48.

    Email if interested in purchasing them + hardware & plates to mount them on the tool.

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    Good stuff here for the start of my indexer info hunting.
    Thanks, Brady!!!

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