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Thread: Adding an ATC to an Alpha

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    Default Adding an ATC to an Alpha


    I am wondering if anyone has added an Automatic Tool Changer to their Alpha.

    I recently got a grant and I am going to add an ATC to the Alpha, 96"x48"x6". . I haven't seen a lot of documentation on ShopBot and was wondering what I need to do.

    How hard of a job is it switching the spindles out? Does it mount on the end or on the side? How do you set up the z-plate?

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    Call ShopBot. They would be able to tell you everything you need to know & be able to answer all of your questions correctly.

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    Talk to shopbot for the latest information, but a couple notes from our experience. I assume we're talking about a PRS. On a 48" wide, you'll need to mount tools on the far end of the y, and will need some rail extensions which shopbot has available. If you have the original PRS alpha Z, you'll need to double up on the mounting plate so the actuators for the dust collector will clear the z rail mounting bolts.
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