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Thread: Got a good product but need it made for less than you can do it?

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    When I was growing up it was the cheap stuff from Japan and lot where that got them. Leslie Stahl ( I believe it was her)from one on the network news programs threw out a challange a few months back to build a house with all products made in the USA. They found out the total cost of the house was 1 per cent more than with using foreign made products. Many builders actually said they found american made products cheaper than ones made overseas. For whatever it is worth. Taking more jobs out of this country will one day make no one in this country buying anything. Just my .02 -/+ .001

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    Where I live, they said on the news that prices of our solid wood are going to go through the roof. The chineese are buying it all up. Supply and demand!!!!
    Then what??


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    We gotta hit the retailers where the wallet is kept. RETURN those junk Chinese items when they fail. Do your part to fill up all those containers heading back! (not really, Walmart just sends it to our landfills... but you get the idea).

    Why are the Chinese absolute experts at making products that LOOK like what we will buy, but perform so poorly? Take a walk through a Harbor freight store, or a local Dollar Store and it's just so obvious that the majority of the imported products will fail. It's like the products are meant to be photographed for a Alibaba shot and that's it...."Get the money, it's not coming back".

    This is an old thread... whatever happened to the Boca Raton importer?

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