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Thread: solidworks stl issue? could use help.

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    I think you nailed it again. My step over was .625 instead of .0625. I did not conciously set it. I need to learn each of these functions better. I have probably never used that bit before and I obviously do not know what I am doing yet. I have been using the default settings on the bits. I will try cutting it again and see what happens but I think this should fix it. It was a roughing pass.
    The finished part is exactly how I did it. Nice to know I somewhat think properly
    It is a practice piece to see how difficult it would be to import files from Solidworks before I try something more difficult.
    Thanks so much for the help.

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    No problem - Glad you got it sorted out. Keep'll be humming right along in no time. It takes a while to learn how to 'think in CNC', and discern between what is a 3D part and what can be created with 2D strategies. If it can be done via 2D, then do it - it is always faster.

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