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Thread: anyone interested in this?

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    Default anyone interested in this?

    if you have a prt or older it is a hassle squaring the z.
    I am making is a simple upside down t that screws to the z uses two bolts in each end as leveling screws. one on each size of the z.
    Several people have made these and I made one out of aluminum that has to much flex but hey it was easy. The video below shows mine a bit (forgot to take a picture of course taxes dulled my brain) I am having these part cut at my local waterjet place. the two bottom pieces are welded together to make a angle iron piece so it will not flex the two holes with be threaded for the bolts. then the top piece is welded and the small piece connects the horizontal to vertical. You just have to drill and twp two holes in the z on each side. it is cut from 1/8" steel I was going to do 1/4" but that seemed overkill and doubled the cost of getting it cut.

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    Is it necessary? I haven't needed to adjust my Z axis in years...and I push the tool pretty hard with a big 5hp Colombo. You might only need to torque the Z axis hardware down a little tighter than you have it.

    Also...on the 4G PRT gantry with AL extrusions, you *must* loosen up the top side hardware on the 2 AL extrusions that sandwich the Z axis before you tighten the 1/2" hardware that holds the Z axis in place. There should be NO gaps between the extrusions and the Z tower.

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    yes a couple times a year it seems. maybe it is running into things that causes it (G) but it is night to get it dialed it with less effort. I had a hell of a time getting mine accurate when I first started. the x adjustment is easy but the y is pretty hard.

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