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Thread: Looking for Start Up Advice

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    I do mainly retail work, some contractors and designers use my services as well, I have developed long term relationships based on service, quality and mutual respect for one another. I have looked at wholesale but the market isn't appealing to me because of the specialty nature of what we do, A website is the first thing and really figure out what services you feel comfortable enough with to offer professionally and push that people will look for what they want done more than what you hope to do. If you show waht you can do then they will make the connection and ask if you can do what they want. I like the interesting things I am asked to do and many times it is a bit challenging, if it wasn't anybody could do it and it would be at minimum wage not a professional one. Find a niche for your market and sell, sell, and sell some more the work is in the world they just don't know you exist or that you can do what it is they want.

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    Wow $800-$1,000 per month i wish that was all i needed to make anything less then $4400 a month i have to give something up like a car, food or my house.

    I am new to all this and i am looking at a Buddy 48 but it will need to pay for itself with in two to three months. I think i can make that happen.

    I have found i need to run 3 businesses to make everything work out right money wise. I have one for sale and will replace that with wood products i make with a CNC.

    Seem like a never ending amount of things you can make not just with wood but other things as well that you can sell even on ebay or in your home town.

    Many business owners need signs for everything all year long and custom product holders or shelves you can make for them in Plexiglass.

    Any old style store will like wood signs, Think of what you can make that a local sign shop would sell and go sell it to each business on your own doing in person calls to businesses why let a sign store make all the money off your work making more then you - be your own sign shop you can do it with a website in a day.

    I looked at your website as i make websites to and your site is very outdated looking most people will leave your site before they look at anything to even know what you offer.
    I do think you need to update your site to a new look. And no i am not selling website services i have no time for that.

    Sell and offer services and stuff on Craigs list in your area.

    Back to your website if you learn how to work with your site better people will find you before they fine other business offering things you make in your area very easy and you will sell more.

    Marketing is as crucial or even more crucial as making a good product with out marketing you have a room full of equipment doing nothing making you no money.
    You could make the best product in the world but if no one knows about it you make nothing..

    Just my 2 cents

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    Default Custom Cabin Puzzles

    If I had a nice lake cabin or plenty of time to spend in my RV I'd really love to have a custom made puzzle that perhaps has a picture of the lake but also includes my name/cabin/RV in the puzzle. I don't have the slightest idea what this entails to make but presumably you do. You have to get out there and show it off but that could be done by throwing yourself a bbq in a VERY public place, i.e. by the lake and invite people over for a beer, oh, and by the way...
    That means you can collect a better price too.

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    At a Camp a few years ago Bill Palumbo recommended visiting cabinet shops and asking, "what problem are you trying to solve now"? The first place we asked that question the guy was making rosettes by hand for a house undergoing a historical restoration. We made a sample for him and we got an order to make 175 more. It also built a great relationship with this cabinet maker for future business.
    - Randall Newcomb
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