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Thread: Dish washer trouble

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    Thanks for the input I'll send them a carefully crafed letter using some of your points which I didn't think of

    They sent me an angry e-mail a month ago about draws opening I show up with helper my son .Shows us the draw and it worked perfectley I SHOULD CHARGE A 150 DOLLARS

    The thing is with this bussiness you find the true charter of people some times its not very pleasent .I'am going to right a book one day its not like the decorating shows where every one is having a barbuce at the end of the day.

    One story when I was working in Montreal in the early 90s at a refinishing shop.A lady brought a table back after it was refinised by us a month before ,It cost here another 450 I ask how come? she said the kitchen guy scrath it I will not charge because I fell he did an amzing job and didn't charge enough . I was floored

    Last fall we had a client buy the guys pizza and coffees .I have work for some amazing people and other if you saw them crossing the street better leave it at that.
    This stressed out my wife there sending e-mail on how to pay for the diswasher

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    Let them know that you have several "expert witnesses" who can testify to how the damage was done.
    Also sign the letter:

    From the Law Offices of
    Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe (say that 3 times fast)
    I. Fleecem, esquire (a 3 stooges reference)

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    The plumber probably shrugged his shoulders when they tried to collect from him and told them they had no proof so go ahead and sue so they came after you as next in line.
    I wouldn't put anything else in writing.
    Don't know about Canada but here if they sued it would be in a small claims court with no attorney fees covered by the loser and the first stop is with a mediator. I would say you have enough to establish no fault.
    If you wish to prepare for the worst case a little better tell them you need to take another look at it and take some shots that show more of the true story (your small notch, the holes from the plumber, etc.) and then tell them you need to consult with your advisor and get back to them. Ignore it after that until they bug you again. Then tell them you aren't responsible and to please stop contacting you.

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    i noticed the same thing gene did right away, the hole in the second picture was no doubt made with a paddle. Also the holes in the first to were were definatly made with a bit that first came through another surface. Somebody was drilling into that island after the dishwasher was installed.

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    I just sent the response with my son helping with the typing

    Carma is a strange thing the cabinet was an add on or change from concrete in front ,The cabinet is worth more money there getting the bill

    I'am pissed because there treating me as a idot .They do this in commerical jobs in our aera a lot there no respect thats why I'am scared to death to do comerical in my area

    The bottom line is they where GC its there responsibletie to make shure theres tile all the way back in the dishwasher and fridge .Not trying to save money on tiles stupid cheap .Make shure appliance are install after cabinet install .Take responsiblite for there project

    Maybe I'll get a picture of a punctured fridge

    Thanks for the help I was stressed

    Canadians say spade bits

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