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Thread: Electrical Requirements for a 4HP spindle

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    Would there be any benefit placing small rubber pads under the feet of the Bot or just let it rest on concrete?


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    Does anyone have a link to a 90A branch circuit protection breaker that they can provide me for my 4HP single phase spindle? I can purchase online, that is fine with me.


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    Miller Marine Products, Ridgefield Washington


    If you run the 50 amp breaker to feed your SB the wire needs to be #8 str CU otherwise the wire will melt in half and the breaker will not trip. Breakers protect the wire to small size wire and the breaker will not trip before the wire melts and catches fire. Like was said above you are better off to size the service for the job. It does not hurt to go big on the wire but not small on the wire and big on the breaker.


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