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Thread: X & Y zero using Zzero plate

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    Default X & Y zero using Zzero plate

    I know this has probably been discussed many times before but I cannot locate the information I need in the archives.

    I want to zero X and Y axis using Zzero plate and compensate for the cutter DIA at the same time. Is there a program out there to do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Ed - Yes, there is a special program that you can put into your custom cut files that will do this. I made my own Z zero plate. It consists of a 1/2" thick plate, that I machined flat on both sides to be as exact to 0.500 as I could get it. Then on two sides, I bolted some 1/8" thick aluminum that extends about 1/4" below the thick plate and also extends about 1/2" above. This way I can sit my plate on the corner of the material and the bottom lip of the jig aligns it. I first run the Z zero program to set the zero (you must modify the routine for the 1/2" thickness). I then run the special routine that sets the X and Y. The routine first moves in X and touches off on the side, then it moves back and then touches off in Y. Then everything is zeroed at the corner! Let me know if you need a copy of the custom cut file.

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    I would be interested in a copy of the file...thanks in advance.

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    ou can download the file open it into your SB editor and the save as a SB file.

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