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    Default bakery sign

    here is one I finished in October.
    the front including the band is one piece.
    the side slats were scraps, beveled at one edge and the middle of the slat on the back side was sanded on a stationary belt sander so the slat would not hit at the middle when fit in against the core. the core is 2 pieces of 2" formular 250 foam. the ring on the back was broken into 4 pieces in aspire, then nested so they fit on a scrap I had. after they were cut, they fit perfect and made an oval.

    I epoxied an piece of 3/4 mdo to the back core and the owner screwed into it from the inside of the wood plank wall in his bakery.
    when this pic was taken, a few of the slat edges needed painted to touch them up and this was done.

    the band around the millstone is a strip of scrap roof flashing, painted with sand added to the paint. several coats of plain paint was applied and wiped off until I got the look I wanted. we call it glazing.

    the close up of the stone shows some rough edges on the text - this is water drops. it had just been sprayed with the hose to clean off any dust.

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    And yet another great sign. Keep up the postings Rob. Definitely stirs inspiration.

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    What material is the sign made out of?

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    all the hdu was 1.5" 15# precision board. I think the material left beneath the wood planks was about .15 thick, but this was epoxied to a 4" core with mas epoxy. simply drill a few holes into the core with a 1/2" bit about 1/2" deep every so often. that gives the epoxy a little extra holding power_ so I've been told. I do it and it has worked so far.

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