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Thread: CNC Hourly rate?

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    Default CNC Hourly rate?

    How much does CNC/Design time go for these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle stapleton View Post
    how much does cnc/design time go for these days?
    80-125 usd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Stapleton View Post
    How much does CNC/Design time go for these days?
    Design time $47 (shop rate). This includes actual model design as well as any custom hold down design requirements for their project.

    Cutting time:

    $1.00 per minute for one off retail projects

    $.75 for lower volume (less then 100 parts per order), but regular wholesale orders

    $.50 for high volume, regular wholesale orders

    I tell customers as in all production operations, the first part will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and each one after that will cost a dollar. It takes awhile for some to understand the production logic, but eventually they seem to understand.
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    I charge a bit more than Don

    - because I have a lot of starts and stops and 5-10 minute runs. A lot of set up and a lot of changing out of parts with tons of part handling. I go for about 65-75 per hour of shop time and 50 for design work. OTOH I do not charge for bits etc., unless it is really specialized. But I might get $8 for a 2 minute part. ( but it is two minutes and then a material change and that is another two minutes, and so on... it makes for a lot of jumping around).

    You have to look at the opportunity and decide what your costs are and what it would take to make a profit, considering bits, materials, time, maintenance, etc.

    And where I charge for machine time, I often give a big break on the design because I have a couple of accounts that are very regular and they pay their bill with no hassles... You gotta foster those kinds of relationships... Especially when they will bring me maybe 600 - 1000 production cuts, plus 60-1000 packing materials cuts this year, plus small template jobs and all that...

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