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Thread: Nut for 3KW HSD AT/MT1073-140 Spindle?

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    Default Nut for 3KW HSD AT/MT1073-140 Spindle?

    Hi Folks,

    I must have lost the paperwork as I can't seem to find any reference to the size of the nut that fits the end of my HSD AT/MT1073-140 4HP spindle anywhere.

    I got two nuts with it when I bought it new, but I need more now.

    I have bought nuts that purportedly were for ER25 collets (which is what I have and use on it all the time), but they were all too small to fit the threads on the spindle

    What brand/model number/type/whatever nut do I need, and where can I buy them from?

    Dave Fifield

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    You can get them right from ShopBot. Sounds to me like you bought a mini-nut, which won't fit the HSD.

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    You can also try these people:

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