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Thread: BT 32 (alpha) Proximity switch

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    Default BT 32 (alpha) Proximity switch

    I'm trying to get my machine going again after a few years and a physical move. I have everything hooked up and the unit is responding. My problem is I can't figure out how/where the table's proximity switch mounts. My manual only covers the bigger machine for this. It appears that it should mount on the back side of the steel member that the table motor mounts to. There is a small bracket already mounted there. If this is the case, the bracket's hole is far too big for the switch and if you use the flat bracket with the slot and two smaller holes, I don't see how you could line the target brackets up such that the switch would be in line with them. If any one out there has a BT32 and could help me out I would I appreciate it. I really would like to get this rascal running this weekend! Thanks!

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    To any one who looks at this post, never mind.......I finally figured it out. Unlike the X axis, which rides on one of the bearings while the target brackets are mounted on fixed positions, The Y axis has the proximity switch mounted on a fixed position and the targets move...took me a few hours to figure it out. Boy to I feel dumb!

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