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Thread: Stuck collet (and one way to fix)

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    Default Stuck collet (and one way to fix)

    New Desktop owner here.

    I didn't realize the collet was supposed to snap into the nut before attaching to spindle, and I got it stuck in the spindle. I found some other messages on this board from people who had done the same:

    Tried heat gun and ice on outer/inner parts to try to get the collet out but no dice, and didn't want to hit it with a hammer. Finally managed to get it out by tightening a hose clamp around the collet, leaving a little bit of space between spindle edge and clamp, then slipping in a screwdriver blade and turning.

    I think it's an easy mistake for newbies to make, it would be helpful to put a prominent notice in with every spindle: ATTACH COLLET TO NUT (IT WILL SNAP IN) BEFORE SCREWING ON TO SPINDLE!

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    The ER series collets have info describing their use - usually the places that sell them have this info posted.

    I am sure I saw the same info some where in the paperwork that came with my Buddy - I bought it with the spindle.

    These collets are called "self ejecting", which is why the collet is trapped in the collet nut, once the nut loosens up, you further loosen it to pull it out of the taper.

    Good thing you got it out!

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    In a shopbot class that I took the instructor told us that we should NEVER put the collet on unless it was fully seated in the nut and held in the groove that is machined there for it. Guess now I know why!

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    The paperwork that came with my PRS Alpha in 2012 did not say anything about snapping the nut in.
    Fortunately I had used ER25s on other tools and knew.
    But Micheal P makes a valid point. I *think* I emailed tech support pointing out that they should make a bigger deal about it.
    The other note I had in that regard was that "push the green start button" is confusing when there is a green button labeled start on both the computer screen AND the control pendant; specify that you press the start button on the screen, THEN the start button on the pendant.
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