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    Default Spindle requirements

    I am trying to wire up my shop with the thought of getting a 1 phase 2.2 HSD spindle and was wondering what size wire and breaker to get. The run form the panel is 50 feet.

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    you will need a 30 amp 220 breaker if it is a HSD 2.2 horsepower spindle from Shopbot.
    #10 should do it even with a 50 foot run, but I would check with your local code authority to be sure. I think if it is type THHN wire in conduit you can use #12, but I wouldn't do it for the tiny cost savings.

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    I have the 2.2 single phase spindle and we wired exactly how Bob recommends. The nameplate on the VFD reads 230V / 17.5A.

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    #10 is rated at 30amp so it works with no problem. Just make sure you have a good ground setup as I've found the PRS Alpha to be a little sensitive if your ground system is not good. Also, make sure you have a really good grounding system for the entire Shopbot all tied into the electrical ground. We used the grounding recommendations outlined, I think it was, in the Shopbot Wiki.


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    I had to drive a seperit, 14ft. ground stake and used #6 copper straned to the Electrical box and to the control box to eliminate stay signals and noise.
    It's not fun when you have to track problems down.

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