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    Default motors

    is the 740 oz NEMA 34 High Definition Stepper Motors
    more like a standard shopbot motor or a alpha.
    I am looking at making a stand alone indexer.
    any help would be great
    thanks larry

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    Default lathe = indexer frame

    I have been considering converting a Vega wood lathe (has 2 axis duplicator).
    A metal working lathe might work - don't 're-invent-the -wheel' any more than you have to. SB tech said they would sell the motor - but not offer tech support on it. Let me know how you do.
    Jeff Smith

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    Here is a couple different pics of my steppers and indexer motor. I can't tell you the specific technical differences but you can look them up for reference. The indexer motor has an additional section on it, i suspect for more gearing.
    These are from a 2006 Prt Alpha

    Here is a link to a stand alone indexer someone made:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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