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Thread: slow z and y movement.. please help

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    Default slow z and y movement.. please help

    Hey guys.. I've had a few of you guys already helping me, and had SB guys helping, but still having fits.. Originally, I was trying to turn a profile on the indexer.. but lost comm at the same spot before starting... but could do spirals and rounding...
    I learned about the MI command, and flipped my profile, and it did a great air cut.. Now... everytime I attempt to use the indexer... whether through the virtual tool, or program in vcarve then come to virtual tool, etc.. I get indexer movement, but either no y or z movement, or very very slow zy movement.. nowhere near the piece.. my speeds are set moderate to slow, but not that slow..
    I have a prs standard with 4g .. and REALLY need to get this working..
    I am using windows 7 with 3 gigs RAM.. nothing else is on the computer.
    Any thoughts? Please!!!!

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    Ok.. I think I got it..?but I want to reply in case it may help someone later..
    When checking problems earlier, SB had me slow my indexer down pretty slow.. When programming, I had only a .01 in stepover per revolution.. At that speed, it looked as if no mvt was happening..
    I also had some type of "stop" switch on..
    So.. I think I may have it

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