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Thread: Quit my job, bought a Shopbot!

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    Default Quit my job, bought a Shopbot!

    I've been cruising this forum nearly everyday over the last few months, which was the only thing that got me through getting to know my newly purchased "used" Shopbot. Thought I'd finally jump on and introduce myself!

    In March of this year, I quit my job as an architect to create a space with my friend (who also quit) where it would be possible to simply design and build awesome projects through digital fabrication. So we flew from Washington, DC to Baton Rouge to buy a used 2005 PRT Alpha for 10k, loaded it in a box truck and drove it back 1200 miles in one shot! We've saved enough money since leaving grad school to pay for the initial shop set up (laser cutter, 3d printer, general tools, rent, etc) and we've been collaborating with local artists and friends in DC to generate creative projects to keep the shop running.

    As fellow shopbotters, you may be interested in seeing our Shopbot featured in our Kickstarter campaign to create a large scale, public art installation in Washington, DC. On top of that, we've been filming a pilot for a TV show based around us, our shop, and our pursuit to Play! None of this would have ever happened had I not quit my job and spent all my money on a Shopbot! So a big thanks to the big, loud overly awesome machine and to you guys n gals who helped me push through all that has, can, and will go wrong!

    The Layer Man Takeover! Kickstarter -
    Hey man, I just wanna play!

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    Glad its all working out for you. I hope it stays that way as long as you want it to! Keep carving and share a bit of what you learn with the new guys. Ok, and some of the 'seasoned' guys. lol
    "Once a person moves away from the computer and CNC some of the most important work begins." ~Joe Crumley

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    Condolences and Congratulations... you'll appreciate both eventually. :-)

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    I can proudly say that in my entire life I have not worked for anyone else but myself....
    (unless you count the govt., landlord, employees, utility company,.....who am I leaving out?)

    The only downside to working for yourself is that YOU get paid LAST!
    There have been many days over the last 40 years where i was working for nothing. And other days where i made over a thousand a day....(those days are long gone)
    But i wouldn't do it any other way....
    Words of Wisdom:
    “Words that sink into your ears are whispered…… not yelled”
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    “The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth”
    Just remember...when it's time for the hearse to pull up..there's no luggage rack on top!
    The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it...Thomas Jefferson

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