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Thread: Columbia Missouri Shopbotters?

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    Default Columbia Missouri Shopbotters?

    Anyone around the COMO area? I have a new 4896 alpha and just starting to learn , could use some help.

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    Dang.....I was just there last weekend! I would have stopped by to chat! Im originally from there....just there visiting family and picking up a fan for my paint booth!

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    Default Springfield

    A bit down the road in Springfield, Mo / are you up and running ?
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    Smile I am in ST. Louis, MO Have a 48x96 w indexer

    Hello Curtis and Jim, and anyone else in my area. Would love to meet and stay in touch. I have had my bot about a year and a half. i am also going to the Orlando Vetric seminar if you are going. Anyone else out there in our area please lets get in touch!!

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    We have a Kansas City MO Camp ShopBot coming up on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Science City in Union Station, if you don't mind a bit of a drive. Should be a great day in a really neat space. They have a Desktop and PRS.

    Registration link-

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