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Thread: Electrical feed to machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Gunn View Post
    Randy, I ran a 50amp 220V drop from the ceiling and then mounted a circuit breaker box directly on my Shopbot frame. Doing this now gives me the option to run separate 110v to the Shopbot control box, router motor, and dust vac, also a 220v to a table vac. all from the one breaker box mounted directly to the Shopbot frame. I like this setup because now I only have one power cord going to the machine, rather than 4 separate cords running everywhere.
    Does anyone know if I can do similar if my spindle is 3 phase? Right now the electrician is planning on mounting a 3-phase 208v and a 1-phase 120 volt circuit either on the wall or overhead. But I love the idea of having just one power cord to the machine, and a vac hose, and an air supply hose of course. But still, that would be a cleaner install.

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    Simply ask your electrician if it can be done. I see no reason that it couldn't. One 3 phase drop to the machine base and then split that out to what is needed for the spindle, router, vacuum and whatever else you have there. It may require more than one circuit box / disconnect box and a transformer but it could be done. Let us know how it goes for you.

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