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Thread: Looking for cnc routing of guitar bodies

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    Default Looking for cnc routing of guitar bodies

    I'm an older woodworker, a recent transplant to CO from MN where I had a mill & built cabinets & custom furniture. Over the years, numerous nephews have asked me to make them an electric guitar using my signature wood...spalted maple. I've never had the time to do it before and have never made a musical instrument. Now I have some free time & would like to make those guitars so I can maybe give 'em to the kids for Xmas. I've glued up 4 blanks (2 with mahoghany backs & 2 with walnut, all with spalted maple tops & measuring 15 x 21 x2). Can anyone steer me to someone who can maybe cnc my blanks into guitar bodies that can accept a bolt-on type neck? Any good referral and/or words of wisdom or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    You should get some responses. I could do it but i'm too far, and you should find someone here who is probably close enough for you to deliver and pick up from.

    There are several different designs floating out there already set up for guys to cut out for you easy enough. I'm sure i probably have some myself. If you can find someone close but need some different designs i can send them to you. Just let me know. My email address is in my info
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    We just finished one as a project. The body is made out of oak, pretty fun project.
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    Default Grizzly Industrial


    Take a look at Grizzly Industrial. They distribute industrial machinery
    but their president is into making guitars so he sells a variety of guitar

    Rather an odd place to find parts but...

    Start at:
    in the SEARCH box, type in Guitar and you will get 10 different class of products... (electric kits, guitar kits, amplifiers...)

    Good luck Frank!

    Bob Condon

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    You looking to make an acoustic or solid body electric? I've been doing Tele style bodies for about eight years.


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    Guitars is about all I do with my bot these days. Bill, I see you're in Pittsburgh. I'm about 20 miles south of you in Monongahela.

    I've got a bunch of stuff to upload from NAMM this year to the page.

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