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    What is a good software for a web page that dose inventory,shipping and
    any help would be great Larry

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    I sell on eBay, and eBay does a good job with making the shipping process simple. Inventory works great too. I don't use bar codes though. Not sure if it is setup for that. Although this is for selling on a online store. eBay is expensive though. I pay $50 per month and pay a percentage of each sale, and a commission to paypal on each sale. It's worth it to me though. Small one man operation. Currently I'm not selling any Shopbot cut stuff.....(yet) I found a little different market I am selling in at the moment.

    If you are looking to just use for invoicing and inventory type thing than quick books online is what I use. It is the my opinion. That's $20 a month.

    All the monthly memberships add up though. I also am a member to Corel draw monthly membership. And a few others. I look at it like leasing a car. Pay the monthly payment and you always will have the latest and greatest. Now when it comes to my pickup truck I have a 2001 f150 and have NO plans of taking on a new truck payment.....


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