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    Steve, saved some people a lot of work. Only done some spalted maple and liked the "Honey Maple" look, but can see why you want that finish look you are getting with water born. Thought of you when applying CA to 2'nd day expresso grounds on wax paper in the kitchen and got a bubbling boiling exothermic reaction accompanied by a big puff of white smoke Glad it's May and opened windows and got fan going quick. Can't figure that one out, only thing different was inserting nozzle tip 50% of depth of grounds. Moisture? Got those white marks over entire surface, will have to sand to see interior. Was going to do Day1(same day as steamed)(all it did was run off with no penetration-but no smoke either) through day 5, daily at 50% Relative humidity 70F. May still continue, but will have windows and fan running before! Tung doesn't darken as much and doesn't darken with age as much(and I like it) so may try that. Also Watco natural with 2 wipe offs as don't mind the darker in maple, and as you said fast,easy and compatible. Keep it up and post. Like the last one. Thanks
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    Steve you might what to take a look at this. I have not tried but it may work for you. It does appear to darken the wood. There may be others that will not darken.

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    Those are both very interesting sites... Many of the methods suggested in them would require a sizable investment in tanks, chemicals etc. From my limited experimenting I can see that if I’m serious about stabilization it may be necessary to go that route. Some found that the Minwax wood hardener was acceptable, but in the cases I read about they used it on a blank where I had used it on a finished part.

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